Ultimate Spiderman Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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With our Ultimate Spiderman Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt you can celebrate the webhead in arm-covered comfort! This black 100% cotton Spiderman t-shirt carries the web-slinger’s Spider Symbol in large bold red print proclaiming your faithfulness to Spidey knows no bounds…and most certainly not that of some minor thing like temperature. Would Spiderman let that get in his way? Of course not! He’s friends with Iceman for heaven’s sake!! And Firestar! Amazing friends. What’s more just think how nicely those cuffs will cover the toy web-shooters you insist on wearing! Keep those babies your little secret with this Ultimate Spiderman Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt! Until it’s time for them not to be your secret. Then let pretend Doc Ock have it!