Wolverine Retro Face Mug


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Well who wouldn’t want Logan’s smiling face greeting them each morning from this Wolverine Retro Face Mug as they work their way into their mornin’ cup o’ joe? No one that’s who. Even Sabretooth couldn’t resist dipping his donuts into Wolvie’s cranium with this black 12 ounce mug. Okay so maybe Wolverine’s not smiling…actually it’s more like a teeth-gritting snarl he’s staring back at you with from two of the sides of this mug…but it’s still a great way to start your day! And it’ll get you out of the door that much more quickly. So what’re you waitin’ for bub? Grab yourself a Wolverine Retro Face Mug fill it with your favorite morning go-juice and get going…before this guy gets any angrier!