X-Men Distressed Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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Our X-Men Distressed Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt features a super-distressed print of the iconic black-and-red ‘X’ symbol of Marvel’s mutant team the X-Men on a long-sleeved heather grey t-shirt! Made from soft 100% cotton this X-Men t-shirt will show your support for the put-upon mutants all year round providing full arm-coverage. And the super-distressed print will make it look like you’ve been battling villainy (and prejudice) with the gang all the live long day. And many live long days before that! It’s so battle-worn it’ll look like you’ve been fastball-special’d at Sentinels while they were having batting practice or something! So feel free to embellish a few war stories when you’re chatting up the crowd at your (hopefully) mutant-friendly local watering hole while wearing your X-Men Distressed Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt!