X-Men Vintage Dave Cockrum Women’s T-Shirts


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Thinking about it I believe that the X-Men were actually the first version of the hit television show ‘Saved by the Bell’. You have all of the major characters right there! A jock a nerd a weirdo a loner a psycho a strong willed person etc etc. Hey I guess they could have also been the Breakfast Club! You know what Wolverine got that year? A carton of cigarettes! SMOKE UP BUB! Oh sorry about that tangent. I should have been talking about this ‘x-ceptional'(oh that’s horrible) 100% cotton X-Men Vintage Dave Cockrum Women’s T-Shirts! It is for the ladies and shows off vintage headshots of Storm Banshee Nightcrawler Colossus Wolverine Jean Grey and Cyclops! Be like Simple Minds and don’t you forget about me!