X-Men Women’s Phoenix Green Costume T-Shirt


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The 100% cotton X-Men Women’s Phoenix Green Costume T-Shirt is for you ladies out there that want to harness the unbridled power of creation and destruction that is the Phoenix Force! That’s what all those people get for messing with you! You can create a beautiful symphony or a cacophony of chaos…well that’s the Phoenix Force for you! Maybe I’m just reading into this a bit too much and you’re really a Jean Grey fan. Either way the X-Men Women’s Phoenix Green Costume T-Shirt is in inspired by Marvel’s ‘Force’ and takes the very likeness of Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force costume…while she was still ‘good’. These shirts are works of art; It’s just the nature of the printing process for these shirts that there will be a gap near the collar. And the ink gaps on these particular pieces are actually quite small. They are not a result of the fabric folding; they are a result of the screen not being able to touch that part of the fabric due to the height of the folded collar material vs the height of the main shirt.